Q. What types of groups can rent the facility?  Is it only for scouting groups?

A: All kinds of groups and organizations can rent this facility.  It is available to reserve for all types of functions as long as the calendar is open on the desired dates.  It is an ideal location for family reunions, tent camping outings, meetings, outdoor weddings and outdoor photography sessions, parties and corporate (company) picnics and many other types of outings.  We will, from time to time, host outdoor concerts or other types of fund-raising events as well.

Q. If we come out to the cabin for an overnight function, what will we need to bring?

A:  The cabin is approximately 40’ X 40’.  Contained within the main building is a modern kitchen equipped with hot and cold running water that has been tested and deemed potable by the State of Nebraska.  (During the winter months water is turned off to the cabin but is available from two outdoor frost proof hydrants.)  The kitchen is equipped with two 22 cubic foot refrigerator/freezers and a double oven electric range.  There are ample outlets for small appliances and plenty of counter space for food preparation and serving.  There are no pots, pans, dishes or dinnerware, so users must bring their own.  We can provide firewood for the fireplace for a “goodwill” donation.  There are no bunks or beds, so if sleeping in the cabin is desired, users should bring all bedding and cots they will need.  Users must also provide all outdoor camping equipment.

Q. Are there showers?  What type of restroom facilities does the cabin have?

A:  Currently, there are no shower facilities at the cabin.  Restroom provisions are limited to a modern “outhouse”.  Though “rustic”, there are separate men’s and women’s sides and there is electric lighting and stainless steel fixtures within.   We make every attempt to provide odor control as well.  Our goal is to replace this outdoor facility with a modern, 4 seasons restroom/shower building sometime in 2018.  It will have showers, flushing fixtures and sinks.  In order to accomplish this, we must construct a septic system in addition to the restroom structure.  Our long-term plans are to replace the existing cabin structure with a larger building that will encompass restrooms inside the main cabin.  We hope to complete a new main cabin building within the next 5 to 7 years.  When that happens, the outdoor restroom planned for this year will be set aside for use by campers or concert audiences only.

Q. My group wants to hold a meeting out there.  What equipment do you have for holding meetings?

A:  At present, we have four, 8-foot wooden tables and enough wooden benches to seat persons along both sides of each table.  In addition, there are six, 6-foot folding conference tables and two, 4-foot folding conference tables.  There are adequate electrical outlets for powering projectors or computers, but no conferencing equipment is on hand.  It must be brought by users if needed.  There is no Wi-Fi available at this time.  Cell phone service is adequate as there is a tower nearby.

Q. When is the best time to rent the cabin and acreage?

A: The Crete Youth Cabin is available on a reservation basis year-round. It is busiest for youth activities in the spring and fall of the year. Summertime is best for most outdoor activities. The cabin is not capable of continuous heating, although it does have a huge central stone fireplace to take off the chill. It is not air-conditioned, however its side shutters lift up to expose the open-air screened sides and the cabin is shaded from afternoon sun, so in the summertime it can remain fairly cool inside. There are ceiling fans and a kitchen exhaust fan to pull hot air out and a large (but noisy) circulating fan is available. Until we can get our new 4-seasons building built, “dead of winter” outings in freezing weather are not recommended unless you are rehearsing for an Antarctic expedition.

Q. How is the cabin maintained and funded?

A: We depend almost entirely on donations from private individuals and grants from corporate entities. While our rental revenues normally provide enough funding for day-to-day operating costs such as electricity and maintenance, we depend on donations and grants for all improvements and larger capital expenditures. At present, all maintenance is performed by volunteer labor. This comes mainly from the members of our Board of Directors with an occasional work outing by local organizations such as Crete Rotary or the local scout groups.